Get a Full-Body Scan

Get a Full-Body Scan

We offer MRI scanning services in the Fort Morgan, CO area

When it comes to headaches and back pain, you want to have as much information as possible about your condition. At Proactive Chiropractic we use MRI scanning technology to pinpoint the source of your pain. Our MRI machine provides us with a full scan of your organs, tissue, bones and muscle, so we can identify the source of your pain.

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How serious is your back pain?

Not sure what's causing your chronic pain? Ready to find relief? Turn to the professionals at Proactive Medicine. We offer MRI scanning services and can help you figure out what's causing your pain. Once we have a detailed scan, our team can create a treatment plan to meet your unique needs.

We're known for our:

  • Affordable rates
  • Attention to detail
  • Skilled staff
  • Extensive experience

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